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Welcome toCollins St Skin AestheticsWe are a Melbourne skin clinic offering patients ways to fight the signs of ageing and look their best

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Prevent and treat existing wrinkles with cosmetic injectables

Your Skin Quiz

Our resident expert Daniel Silpaps helps you discover recommendations to achieve your healthiest skin yet

Enzyme Reactivation Skin Care

Skin care customised to your skin condition and needs

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Our skin clinic aims to bring out your natural beauty

Collins St Skin Aesthetics is dedicated to providing cosmetic skin care treatments to patients of all ages. We have years of experience providing our patients natural results that look right for their age group and personal appearance. Not only do we offer traditional cosmetic treatments like anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers – we also offer skin needling and enzyme reactivation for advanced medical options to fight the signs of ageing.

Our Difference

Allow our differences to bring out your best attributes

At Collins St Skin Aesthetics we celebrate what separates you from everyone else. We believe that it is the differences that enhance life, and it is our differences that separate us from other cosmetic skin practitioners available.

Our differences include:

  1. TWO qualified plastic surgeons
  2. High quality skin care products
  3. 45 years combined experience
  4. Discrete, honest service
  5. A unique philosophy aiming for natural beauty aided by cosmetic treatments performed by professionals

Advanced treatment methods

Our years of experience mean we have had the opportunity to refine our treatment methods, which are all delivered by our clinical team and our doctors, Dr Weymouth and Dr Mirkazemi. We offer skin needling and enzyme reactivation in partnership with other cosmetic techniques to deliver great results for each individual patient. All of our procedures allow patients to target the signs of ageing including pigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles, scarring and more.

Rationale Skin Care products

Our commitment to patient happiness means that not only do our specialists continuously engage in ongoing education, but we also frequently assess skin care products on the market to ensure we are happy to put our stamp of approval on what we endorse to our clients. This is why we have chosen to recommend Rationale Skin Care products. Rationale is supported by numerous professionals in the industry and was formulated to deliver the best level of skin care available.