Dermal fillers commonly known as injectables are made from a material that naturally occurs in your skin.

Recently, one of our beautiful clients left us an amazing review which we treasure every time a client shows the love they have for their results. Below, this particular client had lost a sense of fullness under her eyes and wanted to enhance her lips. After an in-depth consultation, Daniel Silpaps assessed the issues the client wished to correct and chose the correct treatments for her skin type to achieve the most natural-looking results possible. Daniel Silpaps aimed to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the client, ensuring she was not only comfortable with her decision but ecstatic with the results. We are extremely happy and proud to share the below images of before and after. The client achieved the confidence she was looking for and this is exactly why we love our jobs here so much at Collins St Skin Aesthetics.



While dermal fillers are a safe procedure when performed by professionals, it is important to research and consult with medical aesthetic professionals prior to your treatment. There are many types of dermal filler and not every type is right for you or the area you want to treat. A consultation with our professionals is the best way to ease the process of distinguishing which filler is right for you.

Are dermal fillers painful?

In recent times, the material used in dermal fillers and the procedures have been updated with new technology to minimise pain and create the most natural looking appearance yet. Facial fillers are the least painful of the dermal fillers with 90% of patients without a need for local anaesthetic. Lip fillers, on the other hand, can “sting” depending on the patient. Most patients describe this as a very short-lived sting, so it is bearable however, to provide you with the utmost natural appearance we offer a topic local anaesthetic. This ensures you have almost zero pain or discomfort, which means we can provide the best results.

How long will my dermal fillers last?

Most of the dermal fillers used in our practice on average will last about one year – with all types ranging from six months to two years. Repeated injections also stimulate how often your body produces collagen, our clients report that they often need less filler to maintain the area at their future appointments. Common thought is that you will need more over time, this is not the case.

How long will it take for me to see the results of dermal fillers?

Usually, you see the effects within thirty minutes of the procedure. You will see the best results after a few days when the swelling has gone down. Most patients do not complain about bruising, but if you experience this, the bruising will retreat in a few short days. By then you should see the full effects of the treatment.

Dermal fillers with Collins St Aesthetics

A lovely patient had such a wonderful experience with Collins St Aesthetics. She went above and beyond to write us a beautiful testimonial. We could not wait to share this with you. Just take a look at the outstanding, natural results achieved. The patient is extremely happy with the natural looking outcome she received from the team at Collins St Skin Aesthetics.

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