Are you the ideal patient for facial rejuvenation?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked isn’t “what is the best treatment for me” but “am I suitable for the treatment”. It is a very important question to ask and we discuss how to find the answer below.

Determining if you are suitable for facial rejuvenation treatments in Melbourne

When it comes to determining if you are personally suitable for a treatment there are a number of factors we consider. Many people believe that a simple yes/ no conversation on the phone can determine this however there can be much more at play.

It is important when considering facial rejuvenation treatment that we not only consider how your face and skin currently presents but also your skin history and the predicted results in the future without treatment. This tells us the necessity of the treatment along with any previous symptoms or skin behaviours that could impact a successful result.

Along with considering your history it is also important to have a comprehensive assessment of your skin and muscular volume to check for any irritations, areas of concern, abnormalities and best of all, opportunities for results that leave you feeling fresh and revitalised.

The forgotten factor in determining suitability

Other than the physical traits that lead to suitability for treatment there are other factors that need to be reviewed when considering facial rejuvenation treatments.

No matter which treatment you are considering; be it anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, skin needling or chemical peels, there are two key psychological factors that must be reviewed:

  • Expectations of physical results
  • Expectations of impact on personal and professional life

We understand that many patients look to facial rejuvenation for confidence building reasons, however it is incredibly important that patients do not place all self worth or life expectations on the results of their treatment. Understandably for many this is an odd concept however it is important to ensure that all patients undergoing treatment are doing so for the right reasons.

This is not to say that treatment can’t have a positive impact.

When we consult with patients on a desired treatment we check to ensure their expectations are reasonable for their personal attributes. This in turn confirms you are not only undergoing the right treatment but also that you will be happy with the results.

A checklist to consider

If you are considering treatment and you want to know standard expectations and suitability we welcome you to contact us. Depending on the treatment, we will give you a list of factors to consider including results, acceptable existing conditions and medications.

To discuss your personal suitability please call our Collins Street, Melbourne CBD practice on (03) 9016 7846.

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