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Here at Collins St Skin Aesthetics our highly qualified and trained team offer dermal fillers to achieve any number of facial enhancement desires.

Whether you are looking to restore volume to ageing lips, plump naturally thin lips, fill deeper skin creases, even out acne scars or add volume to your cheeks, professionally administered dermal fillers from our Melbourne CBD practice on Collins Street aim to achieve your goals.

What are dermal fillers?

The Dermal fillers used at Collins Street Skin Aesthetics are an injectable gel like substance made of complex sugar molecules that are inserted into the desired area to ‘fill the gap’. The molecules that are added are the same as those naturally occurring in your body. Unlike some other fillers, they are not extracted from animals so there is minimal risk of allergic reaction, making them very safe.

How do dermal fillers differ to anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax the muscles that are contracting and causing creases in your skin. These are often added to soften existing fine lines and prevent the lines from increasing over time.

Comparably, dermal fillers are used to fill existing deep lines and creases once the damage has already been done. They are also used to fill areas where a natural breakdown of tissue and collagen has occurred.

How do you administer dermal fillers in your Melbourne CBD clinic?

When you visit one of our aesthetic professionals we will start with a consultation to discuss your desired results. Once you decide to go ahead with treatment, we will wipe down the area to sterilise it. Then we will apply an anaesthetic solution to numb the area and reduce discomfort. A fine needle is then placed in the location and the filler is added.

There is minimal discomfort or side effects to treatment with the most common sign of treatment being a tiny needle prick. In some cases, dependant on the location of injection, a small bruise may appear if the needle touches a blood vessel. These are often very small, can be covered by makeup and only last a couple of days.

When will I see the results and how long will they last?

One of the most satisfying aspects of dermal fillers is that they have an immediate impact. You can see the results as soon as they are complete with the full results developing over the following 2-4 week period.

Dermal fillers will generally last for a 6-12 month period. Over this time the filler will be broken down by a natural process within the body, the same as the breakdown of natural cells. To maintain results we recommend you visit us for routine consultations.

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