INSIDE OUT with Daniel Silpaps: Get to know our Aesthetic Nurse

Inside Out

How do you motivate yourself to succeed?

I am very self-motivating. I have so much passion for success and always strive to improve in order to be better every time.


What is the current business goal you are looking to achieve?

I want to help build a strong business at Collins St Skin Aesthetics; we are always keeping up with the latest technology and therapies to provide to our patients.


What constitutes a perfect day to you?

A busy one! Busy, and full of happy patients who we have assisted with their concerns. It’s truly rewarding to help people.


In a few words, describe your personality.

Passionate, Dedicated and Personable.


Who is your greatest Inspiration?

I had the pleasure of working with several leading plastic surgeons. The intelligence and unique qualities that they hold I find truly inspiring.


What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Perfect happiness itself doesn’t exist; however, you can feel perfect within yourself. I am always happy and strive to do more to keep myself in that state of mind.


What is your most treasured possession?

I don’t have a possession or something materialistic, but more so I treasure time and moments – something that cannot be held, but can be remembered as a great memory.


What quality do you admire most in a person?

Someone who is genuine, always striving to succeed, and is passionate in all aspects of life.


How do you generate new ideas for the business?

Keep an ear and an eye out, I read, and I listen to obtain new information and ideas that could improve the business. I enjoy communicating with people who can teach me new things.

 “Over the years I have had the opportunity to work closely with many renowned international and national cosmetic injecting experts”

Which historical figure do most identify with?

The Queen! I admire the decades she has covered as well as her impact to the world.


What has been your most treasured journey to date?

I like change and experience as well as reflection on the past. That happens a lot in my life and I am always focused on my career and redeveloping, I feel that in itself is a treasured journey.


If you could start again, would you change anything?

No, I have no regrets and nothing I would change. Experiences help shape who you are and I am happy with everything.

Define wellbeing in a few words.

Emotional and personal balance, as well as great health!


What advice would you give to young and aspiring people who want to succeed in the industry?

Do your homework! Just do it, and be persistent, sacrifice your time and you will be
rewarded with a fantastic career that always challenges and teaches you!



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