Rationale active skincare range at Collins St Skin Aesthetic

The Rationale Essential Six range with its active ingredients can restore your skin’s health and radiance

Cosmeceutical skincare (cosmetics + pharmaceuticals) are cosmetic products which contain biologically active ingredients with medical or drug-like benefits.  With their higher percentage of active ingredients, these products are more active than most over-the-counter products

Skincare ranges containing active ingredients are sold by dermatologists, medispas and skin clinics because it’s important to have an expert instruct you in the right products for your skin and how to use them. At Collins St Skin Aesthetic, we proudly stock the Rationale range.

The Rationale Essential Six

All of the active ingredients and steps contained in the Essential Six work in sync to restore skin health and radiance. The range contains a perfectly balanced set of ingredients, embracing every step needed for optimal cell function. This includes:

  • Targeting specific cells
  • Improving cell-to-cell communication
  • Enhancing enzymatic function
  • Encouraging cell cooperation to hydrate, revitalise and moisturise skin

Every Rationale formulation is isotropic, Rationale-Essential-Sixwhich means that the products contain
ingredients that are identical to the human skin and therefore also are completely in tune with human skin. The products work in synergy, with each formula contributing to the skin’s clarity and luminosity in its own unique way while also enhancing the benefits of the next product.

Rationale active skincare range at Collins St Skin Aesthetic

Since active ingredients are strong, it’s important you receive instructions from a professional clinician to avoid any irritation or reaction.

At Collins St Skin Aesthetic, we recommend Rationale for many common skin issues, including sun damage, rosacea, adult acne and more. However, you don’t need to suffer from a clinical skin condition to take advantage of this advanced range. Arrange a consultation with one of our experts and we will assess your skin and recommend the best course of action and products for you. While age and lifestyle play a large part in accurately diagnosing your skin, our consultants delve deeper to understand your level of sun damage, your diet, as well as the genetic potential of your skin.

Start your journey to clearer skin today and contact our friendly team to arrange your consultation.

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