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Collins St Skin Aesthetics recommends Rationale Skin Care, a medically proven skin care range that delivers results and addresses your skin’s requirements.

Rationale Skin Care Products have provided Australia’s leading skin doctors with scientifically proven skincare solutions for over 20 years. These products allow medical professionals and patients alike to harness the natural and genetic potential of the skin. Ingredients in these products have been rigorously tested and most can be naturally found in the body or are easily absorbed with no adverse effects.

Achieve Rationale Skin Care’s trademark luminosity

Rational Skin Care is the preferred cosmeceutical brand of Australian Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Doctors – and there’s a good reason why.

These products not only promise results, they actually deliver, which we’ve seen in results experienced by many of our patients. These products have travelled via word of mouth in the cosmetic and medical industry as doctors revere their ability to help patients. Now they’re readily available to patients in the general public of Australia at Collins St Skin Aesthetics in Melbourne.

Rationale Essential Six

The cornerstone of the Rationale brand is the Essential Six range which provide the essential basics to restore the vitality of your skin, or maintain its youthful appearance. This regime has been developed by dermatologists to provide the essential vitamins, botanicals and minerals that are universally agreed amongst dermatologists to deliver and restore maximum skin quality and luminosity.

Everything about the Rationale Essential Six is calculated from the amount of each ingredient, to the particular time of day that it’s beneficial. The system is separated simply into two phases – three treatments in the morning and three treatments at night. These six power-products are the result of decades of scientific breakthroughs and years of study in the area to ensure the best results for each customer.

The active ingredients of these products work in synergy to be absorbed, recognised and utilised by skin cells to deliver truly impressive results.

The Essential Six regime aims to:

  • Restore the appearance of your skin
  • Regenerate the quality of the skin at a deeper level
  • Repair skin from previous damage inflicted by the sun and other pollution
  • Protect the skin from future damage

How does Rationale Essential Six achieve these goals?

The secret to the success of Essential Six is over 20 years of research and development as well as their advanced Isotropic Formulations which are Skin Identical. Skin Identical signifies ingredients that perfectly synchronise with the natural physiology of the skin.

This optimises:

  • The ability to target delivery to cells
  • The communication from cell-to-cell
  • The ability of each formulation to work together in order to hydrate, revitalise enzymatic function and moisturise
  • Decreased skin sensitivity
  • Results without harmful or useless preservatives


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