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We believe it’s best to work together to help address your unique skin concerns, so we recommend a professional skin consultation for all of our clients at the outset.

During this private appointment, we take the time to talk with you about your skin history, your unique skin concerns and your skin objectives. We also take this time to answer your questions, to prescribe the perfect skin care regime and create a treatment plan for you.

The skin analysis process

First we gently cleanse your skin. Then we view it under light and magnification, observing signs of congestion, pigmentation, sun damage or vascular changes while noting areas of dehydration and sensitivity. Once this analysis is done and the consultation is complete, we can confidently prescribe your perfect skincare regime for healthy, luminous skin.

Then when your skin is in optimal health and condition, we can discuss cosmetic procedures to address additional areas of concern, such as deep wrinkles, volume loss, etc. With skin in optimal condition, you’ll see improved results and an accelerated recovery time.

Let’s talk about your skin. Book your skin consultation today.

Our full treatment process

We have a very systematic process when it comes to how we treat problems with the skin. First of all we need to perform a thorough skin examination, which is done so at our comfortable treatment rooms in Melbourne. We will evaluate the appearance of your skin as well as the deeper layers of your skin. After we have assessed your skin we will recommend a series of take-home products so that you can perform some at-home care to see if your issues improve and to prepare the skin for the next phase of treatment.

After this our doctors may recommend a peel treatment – known as our Enzyme Reactivation Treatment. This procedure is significantly customised for each skin type as each patient faces a unique set of issues. This peel can help rejuvenate the skin and reduce signs of ageing including pigmentation, scarring and fine lines. This phase of treatment can also help reduce acne as the pores will be cleaned and skin quality significantly improved.

After your peel you will be recommended some medical grade skin care products to help maintain the improved state of your skin. This may include our choice of Rationale Skin Care Products which are some of the most advanced and clinically renowned skin care products available in Australia. Find out more about these products here.

Skin Analysis Melbourne

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