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Skin Needling can help improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of scars and correct unwanted pigmentation

Skin needling refers to a minimally invasive procedure. Small needles are used to penetrate the surface of the skin to encourage the healing of existing imperfections. This technique became popular for the treatment of scars and is also effective for skin resurfacing to restore a youthful complexion and improve skin health.

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How does skin needling work?

The needle penetration can be adjusted according to the area and problem being treated. The very small needles will penetrate the skin and result in very small punctures which are barely noticeable. These punctures will heal over time and can result in the production of new collagen, and a fresher appearance on the surface of the skin.

Another benefit of skin needling is that it can aid the absorption of medicated creams or ointment, applied to the skin such as our Rationale Skin Care Products.

A course of treatments may be recommended but results can be seen immediately. Collagen stimulation occurs over time and continual improvement to your skin’s texture and quality will occur even after your treatments have finished.

This technique helps in the management of several skin conditions such as:

  • ‘Crepy skin’
  • Acne scars
  • Fine Lines
  • Some stretch marks
  • Pigmentation or dark spots

Although skin needling is most commonly used for facial treatment, it can also be used on the hands, back, chest and wherever you show the symptoms above.

The skin needling procedure

The basic steps involved in the skin needling procedure are as follows:

  1. Local anaesthetic creams will be topically applied to reduce your discomfort
  2. The skin needling pen is applied, several times over the skin to produce numerous microscopic punctures to the skin
  3. Immediately after treatment the treated area may be red and grazed and may feel sunburnt. It is easily covered with a specially formulated healing makeup that provides anti-bacterial and hydrating properties

Risks and complications

Skin needling is a safe procedure. All efforts will be made by your doctor and our team to minimise any risk associated with the procedure.

The possible risks associated with skin needling include:

  • Redness and swelling of the skin, which may persist for a week
  • Bruising which will resolve quickly if it occurs
  • In rare cases, other complications may arise

At Collins St Skin Aesthetics, our surgeons and aesthetic nurses will assess you, and inform you of the available options. We believe in enhancing your own features and obtaining a natural and youthful look.

Skin Needling Melbourne

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